Flexigroup are committed to providing their customers with competitive finance solutions.

Flexirent Finance solutions

    With Flexirent acquiring new technology couldn’t be easier!
    A fixed monthly payment to make budgeting easy
    Improve cashflow and increase your purchasing power
    Put your valuable working capital to more effective use elsewhere in your business

Flexible payment options

    Finance on an individual agreement basis with monthly payments, or apply for a
    FlexiLine credit facility to manage ongoing technology acquisition.


    Choose FlexiLine when ongoing technology requirements exceed $10,000 per annum
    FlexiLine gives you a choice of both finance types – Operating Lease or Lease To-Own
    Make fast and convenient ‘drawdowns’ as low as $1,000 (inc GST) against your facility
    Choose from monthly or quarterly payment options
To apply simply place your order online and select "Finance" as the payment option then we will contact you once we have confirmed stock to give you further details of how to apply to Flexirent for the funds.
Or you may like to contact Flexirent in advance on 0800 444 827 or through their website www.flexirent.co.nz to get pre-approval.