AKG GN30MJ Gooseneck Module

Manufacturer: AKGSku: GN30MJ
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  • Gooseneck with screw thread and mini jack
  • Installation module with permanently soldered remote phantom power adapter
  • Extra large LED ring
  • Highly reliable contacts for capsule modules
  • Integrated switchable bass cut

The GN Minijack System makes installing and taking down goosenecks even quicker than before. The HCS mounting flange is built into the table. The permanently soldered phantom power adapter can be fastened to the underside of the tabletop by means of a clamp. The entire wiring remains invisible. The goosenecks can be mounted and taken down quite easily as required, while the integrated mini jack ensures perfect contact reliability. The LED ring can be powered directly. Depending on the microphone status, it an be activated and deactivated by a logic circuit (e.g., the logic out on an AS 16 x 12 automatic mixer), showing clearly which of the microphones are active.

The "turbo" among modular systems

The GN Minijack System is especially useful whenever goosenecks of different lengths must be interchanged quickly, or when theft cannot be prevented with standard locking systems. The goosenecks together with the capsules can be quickly taken to a safe place without having to alter the setup. All that remains on the table is an unobtrusive disk.

In addition, the GN Minijack Mount features a rubber element on the underside of the disk, which attenuates structure-borne noise. When the gooseneck is detached, the opening can be closed with the attached flap to prevent dirt or liquids from getting inside.

Available capsule modules for GN 30 (50) Minijack: CK 31, CK 32, CK 33, CK 47, CK 80.

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