Univox CLS-1 Compact Hearing Aid Loop Amp Domestic/Counter Use

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Univox CLS-1 Compact Hearing Aid Loop Amp Domestic/Counter Use. Requires optional loop wire or Loop Pad

Univox CLS-1 is a compact yet powerful loop amplifier for wireless listening through your hearing aid. CLS-1 is developed for maximum power, versatility and ease of use and is equipped with Univox automatic gain control (Dual Action AGC) for a smooth sound experience. The thumb wheel volume control with digits for easily memorized setting of the right field strength level along with bass and treble controls secures pure sound quality. The metal case and effective cooling ensures long lasting problem free use.

Connect CLS-1 to your TV, stereo, MP3, microphone or any other sound source that you want to hear clearly. A super sensitive dedicated microphone input with 12V phantom power and signal strength potentiometer, a combined mic/line input and a line input makes it possible to connect your CLS-1 to virtually any sound source you like. You can monitor your CLS-1 with three indicators in the front panel with blue LED's for power connection, signal source level and loop current.

Choose between loop pad, sofa loop and room loop cable for use with your CLS-1 and cover exactly the area you want. Place the loop pad in your favourite chair, the sofa loop underneath your sofa or the room loop around the walls of your room and tune your hearing aid into T position. With the headphones output you can even listen to the magnetic field acoustically.

With the Univox, you can:
  • Hear clear TV sound that's sent directly to your ears - no receiver, no headset
  • Hear people talking (with optional microphone)
  • Hear a telephone conversation in both ears (with optional telephone adapter)


  • Compact & powerful induction loop amplifier for use with
  • TV/digibox/satellite/VHS/DVD/stereo/MP3/microphone etc.
  • Univox Dual Action AGC for smooth quality sound
  • Volume thumb wheel, bass and treble controls
  • Rugged metal case with effective cooling for long lasting use
  • Three inputs: Dedicated sensitive mic input (12V phantom power/signal level potentiometer) a mic/line input and a line input
  • Easy connection to loop pad, sofa or room loop
  • Separate headphones output
  • LED indicators for power connection, signal source level and loop current
  • Additional line input
  • Volume regulation on mic input
  • LED light indicating when there is input
  • Bass and treble adjustment knobs
  • "Thumb wheel" volume control
  • Does not include loop pad or wire

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