CAMEO Lighting STORM FX 3-in-1 lighting effect

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CAMEO Lighting STORM FX 3-in-1 lighting effect with Grating Laser, Strobe and Derby Effect incl. IR-Remote

The STORM FX by Cameo combines a Class 3R grating laser, strobe and derby effect in a single fixture. It features 2-channel and 12-channel modes of DMX control, sound activation, automated programs and can be used as master, slave or standalone. With razor-sharp red and green laser beams, 12 white strobe LEDs for ultra bright high-speed flashes and the colourful RGBWA derby effect the STORM FX generates impressive animated lighting.

The fixture sports an easy-to-read 4-button control display, LED mode indicators, 3-pin DMX input and output plus IEC mains inlet and outlet. The STORM FX provides a key switch to prevent unauthorised operation, an emergency stop switch interlock connector, and a low-noise fan keeps the enclosure cool. For versatile, secure mounting the effect light is equipped with an adjustable bracket and safety eye. The STORM FX comes with a convenient infrared remote control .


  • 3 FX in 1: grating laser, strobe, chaser and derby effect
  • Laser with red 100mW / 650nm and green 30mW / 532nm diodes
  • Strobe with 12 ultra-bright white 0.5 W LEDs
  • RGBWA derby effect with 9 W RGB and 9 W BWA LEDs
  • 2 DMX modes, sound activation and automated programs
  • Master, slave and standalone operation
  • Each effect individually usable
  • Low-noise fan
  • Safety eye and adjustable mounting bracket
  • Infrared remote control included

Product type: LED / laser effect
Type: 3-in-1 LED Projector
Colour Spectrum Derby Effect: RGBWA (9W RGB + 9W BWA)
Number of LEDs Derby Effect: 6
LED Type Derby Effect: 3 W
Colour Spectrum Laser Effect: red LED (650 nm), green LED (532 nm)
Number of Diodes Laser Effect: 1 x red, 1 x green
Type of Diodes Laser Effect: red 100 mW, green 50 mW (DPSS laser)
Laser Class Laser Effect: 3R
Laser Shutdown (safety function): Lock switch, connection for external emergency stop switch
Colour Spectrum Strobe: white
Number of LEDs Strobe: 12
LED Type Strobe: 0.5 W
DMX input: XLR 3-pin male
DMX output: XLR 3-pin female
DMX mode: 2-channel, 12-channel
DMX Functions: strobe, sound programs, Laser, Derby, auto programs
Standalone modes: sound programs, auto programs
Controls: down, up, IR Remote, mode, Enter
Indicators: 4-digit LED display
Power connector: IEC power input and output
Operating voltage: 100 V AC - 240 V AC, 50 - 60 Hz
Housing material: metal
Cabinet colour: black
Housing Cooling: fan
Width: 290mm
Height: 110mm
Depth: 200mm
Weight: 2.6kg
Other features: security lock slot, Optional Remote Switch, short-circuit connector for remote connection included, adjustable mounting bracket included, IR Remote

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