Manufacturer: KORGSku: tinyPIANO
Price: NZ$349.00
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KORG tinyPIANO (available in Black, White, Red or Pink!)

The tinyPIANO from Korg is a digital piano made for the children by a musical instrument manufacturer renowned for its professional pianos. Just because something is called a toy piano, doesn't mean it has to sound like a toy, and if the instrument has correct pitch and accurate tone, a child who plays with the instrument will look forward to better instruments as they grow older.

The instrument is essentially a miniaturized upright piano, with a fallboard just like on a real piano and delivers the deep, rich tones of a sampled grand piano with the stable pitch that you expect from a digital piano. Emphasizing safety and durability, moving parts have been reduced to the minimum and the volume has also been adjusted to a level appropriate for a child's ears.

A miniature 25-note velocity-sensitive keyboard made by Korg allows for ease of playing. Twenty-five built-in sounds let you learn while playing, including the sounds of an electric piano, clavinet, organ and bell, as well as sounds that befit a miniature piano, such as music box and toy piano tones.

Additionally, fifty demo songs cover a wide range of styles. Each demo song is assigned a tone that's appropriate for that song, but you are free to choose a different tone to suit your taste. When playing back the demo songs at night, you can turn down the volume and enjoy the background music without disturbing those around you. A speaker and amplifier are built into the compact body.

The piano is powered by AA batteries or via an optional power adapter. The body makes extensive use of wood for a solid feel when touched, giving it a sense of quality that elevates the instrument above the category of toy piano, thus making it ideally suited to the decor of any room. Its size and weight make it easy to move the piano to any location.
Accurate pitch and true tone
Fashionable and cute, with a serious sound engine
Twenty-five built-in sounds provides versatility over traditional, mechanical toy pianos - plus it will always be in tune
Fifty built-in demo songs to enjoy even when you're not playing
Small, easily transportable and powered by AA batteries or an optional power adaptor

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