Behringer Ultradrive Pro DCX2496 LE Streamlined Digital 24/96 Loudspeaker Management System

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Behringer Ultradrive Pro DCX2496LE Streamlined Digital 24/96 Loudspeaker Management System

The Behringer DCX2496LE ULTRADRIVE 24-Bit/96kHz Digital Loudspeaker Management System is designed for live sound and installed sound applications. The 1RU unit features two servo balanced gold-plated XLR inputs and six servo balanced gold-plated XLR outputs. The processor utilizes 24-bit 96 kHz Cirrus Logic analog to digital and digital to analog converters as well as a 32-bit Analog Device Sharc DSP to provide selectable Butterworth, Bessel, or Linkwitz-Riley Crossovers with roll-offs from 6 to 48 dB/octave in four different mono and stereo output operating modes.

The processors also enable adjustable delays for all inputs and outputs, zero-attack limiters on all output channels, and level dependent dynamic EQs, parametric EQs, low pass, band pass, and high pass EQs for all inputs and outputs. Settings are controlled from a front panel LCD via a scroll wheel and system of buttons. Eight LED meters provide visual feedback of the input and output levels. The unit includes built-in memory for storing up to 60 presets for various applications.

  • 2 analog inputs and 6 analog outputs for a wide range of options
  • 24-bit/96kHz Cirrus Logic A/D and D/A converters for phenomenal signal integrity and massive dynamic range (120dB)
  • Dynamic EQs for level-dependent equalization and highly musical Parametric EQs, selectable for all ins and outs
  • Multiple EQ types (LP/BP/HP) for each input and output
  • "Zero-attack" limiters on each output channels for total speaker protection
  • Four different mono and stereo output operating modes
  • Individual crossover filter types include Butterworth, Bessel and Linkwitz-Riley with selectable roll-off characteristics
  • Adjustable delays on inputs and outputs
  • Create up to 60 user-defined presets
  • Servo-balanced, gold-plated XLR connectors for inputs and outputs
  • High-quality components and rugged construction can handle the rigors of the road

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