Qualified Sound - Phase Discriminator Microphone Shield

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Qualified Sound - Phase Discriminator Microphone Shield

When recordings are out of phase, your audio captures will sound dead and lifeless.

The Phase Discriminator is designed for use in professional and home recording studios to minimise phase issues between two microphones.

When two microphones are capturing a sound source i.e. simultaneous guitar and vocal, or a drum kit with multiple microphones recording many different sound sources, you inherently create issues such as out of phase recordings. This is when sound arrives at one of the two or more microphones at a different time than the other causing wave cancelation. Which is that dead sound…leaving you frustrated as to why your instrument and vocal arrangements are just not ‘singing’ through.

The Phase Discriminator is designed to be easily inserted between microphones to minimise the sound bleed from one microphone to the next, therefore eliminating that wave cancelation. Also included is a gooseneck fitting to clamp onto any microphone stand plus a standard microphone mount on the unit for directly attaching to any microphone stand.

Kill unwanted phase with the Phase Discriminator!

Frequency and NRC ratings
125 Hz: 0.09
250 Hz: 0.12
500 Hz: 0.33
1000 Hz: 0.65
2000 Hz: 0.96
4000 Hz: 1.01
Overall NRC: 0.52

(Pictured microphone not included)

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