Qualified Sound - "The Beast" Microphone Shield

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Qualified Sound - "The Beast" Microphone Shield

The Beast is NZ’s largest microphone shield. Designed and manufactured in New Zealand the Beast is a complete behometh and eaisly surrounds a sound source such as an amplifier or vocalist.
The Beast is designed to act as a portable recording booth for your recording studio. Use the Beast on Amps or Vocals to remove unwanted room reflections from your recordings to achieve a more professional sound.
This unit is manufactured in New Zealand and is made from top quality materials.
One piece professional grade acoustic foam
The Beast can be attached to any quality microphone stand.
Slick black powder-coat look
Light weight but sturdy construction
Monster size measuring 725mm W X 610mm H
Made in New Zealand
Freq.                        NRC
125 Hz:                    0.13
250 Hz:                    0.29
500 Hz:                    0.89
1000 Hz:                  1.08
2000 Hz:                  0.97
4000 Hz:                  1.00
Overall NRC: 0.81

(Pictured microphone, amp and microphone stand not included)

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