LitePar Pro T18 Low Profile LED Stage Light (18x3w RGB)

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LitePar Pro T18 Low Profile LED Stage Light (18x3w RGB)

A compact slimline aluminium case for professional stage, show lighting, lighting hire and rental companies. It's the replacement for the bulky traditional PAR64 can and these are compact and punchy. With advanced heat management no cooling fan is needed and it operates silently.

This light has three operating modes: Auto, RGB, and DMX. In DMX control mode the LitePar-T18 PAR 64 can be operated in three DMX modes: 3, 4 and 9 channel mode. Control data input is via 3 pin DMX data first in and out connections. This Professional PAR Can also features flicker free 0-100% electronic dimming and a 22° beam angle and is suitable for TV and video work as well as general stage and venue lighting.

RGB - High quality additive colour mixing LED PAR Can in a compact black case only 94mm deep. (94dx256wx290h mm)

Our Lite PAR Pro uses a 3-in-1 TRI LED optical system for superior color mixing which means you get no three-color shadows, plus you get a continuous range of millions of colours by varying and mixing the intensity from 0 to 100% of each colour.

We have these manufactured with a Double Yoke (bracket) which serves as a floor stand for uplighting which makes them great for corporate event hire, band and stage use too. We supply them with a tapon IEC power cord for your convenience. Designed for indoor use only.

Used For

High powered Tri-LED Slim-PAR featuring RGB additive color mixing using a 3-in-1 TRI-COLOR LED system. These provide smooth color mixing and no multi-color color shadows from 18 x 3W Tri-LEDs. The programmed dimming curve means they mimic traditional lighting better and are perfect for TV, video and theatre as well as stage front lighting.

Supplied ready for use in New Zealand with a tapon IEC mains cable and a dual bracket yoke as an easy ground mounted uplight or replace your traditional PAR cans and mount it on a hook clamp.

Light source: 18 x 3 W (350 mA x3) tri-color LEDs 50,000 hrs

Beam angle: 25°
Field angle: 36°
Illuminance: Lux: 9,600 @ 1m
Input voltage: Auto-ranging 100-240VAC50/60 Hz
Power and current: 58 W, 0.5 A @ 230V/50Hz
Weight: 3.4 kg
Size: 90 x 260 x 300mm

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