Behringer XR4400 Multigate Pro

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Behringer XR4400 Multigate Pro

The Multigate Pro is a 4-channel expander/gate of the reference class condensing 4 frequency-conscious gates into one rack space without compromising functionality or performance is. It is a precision device taking full advantage of the Behringer Interactive Technology, combining ease of operation with incredibly powerful and flexible dynamic control.

UTR (Ultra Transient Response) Gate Circuit
Very fast attack times are necessary if transient signals are to be preserved. Gates that cut off the leading edge of percus-sive sounds tend to muffle the sound, losing the "kick." With the Auto function switched off, the expander action is therefore displaced by an fast gate.

IHC (Interactive Hold Control) Circuit
It is beneficial to have a Hold element in the dynamic envelope of a gate for maximum operational stability. Behringer's IHC circuit automatically applies a Hold element, depending on the Release time chosen. This interactive correlation between Hold and Decay provides an extremely natural fade characteristic.

Flexi-Link System
Any channel of the Multigate Pro can be linked to its immediate neighbor. Thus the Multigate Pro can operate in any configuration, eg. 2 true stereo gates, one stereo and 2 mono gates, or even as a 3- or 4-way linked gate. Adjustable Hold and Release parameters

Varying program material and special release phases require separated Hold and Release settings to attain "inaudible" dynamics processing. With the Hold and Release parameters you can easily adapt to the prcessed signals. Percussive music signals often require short Hold and Release times; however, vocals and a lot of acoustic instruments need longer time settings. So the Multigate Pro XR4400 is the perfect tool to effectively process your music without touching its content.

Multigate Pro - The Best Behringer 4-Channel Expander/Gate Ever!

- For live and studio use
- Attenuates noise during pauses in program material
- Creative envelope shaping
- For auto-muting stage and conference microphones
- For reducing crosstalk between adjacent mics
- Great for the difficult task of drum kit mic separation
- Use wherever rack space is at a premium
- 4 channels of frequency-conscious gating in 1 unit rack space!

* Please see the 3-Year Warranty Program for full details of the Behringer extended warranty (requires registration of the product within 90 days.)

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