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Two for one!
The TP-2 offers two completely independent preamps, with individual realtime controls. Each channel is driven by its own 12AX7 tube. A Stereo switch on the front panel allows both preamps to work in tandem when processing a stereo source.

Full-featured mic preamps
Using a specially tuned version of the Valve Force technology so widely acclaimed in the Electribe X series and the TRITON Extreme, the new TP-2 tube-driven preamp imparts a robust warmth and a rich musical character that is ideal for your critical and challenging acoustic sources. Each preamp channel accepts either XLR or 1/4" TRS inputs, and switchable phantom power is provided. Equipped with a Hi-Z switch, 26dB pad button and a variable trim knob, the TP-2 assures the optimal gain setting for any source, from a premium microphone to a direct bass or guitar signal. A pair of faders controls the output level, and a low-cut switch and a phase reverse button offer even more flexibility.

Transparent optical compression
By using state-of-the-art optical compression, the TP-2 is able to respond quickly, breathing life and luster into your sound. In addition to enhanced response times, optical compression provides a wide range of dynamic control � without coloring the source material in adverse ways. Compression sensitivity knobs on the front panel are teamed with Fast/Slow release time buttons and audiophile analog VU meters for intuitive realtime control.

Best of both worlds
While the TP-2 works hard in the analog domain to achieve warm, smooth and musical results, its digital characteristics are no less stellar. Analog-to-digital conversion is 24-bit, using 64-times oversampling for error-free reproduction. Sampling rates of 44.1, 48 and 96 kHz are offered, and the digital output is provided in both S/P DIF optical and coaxial formats. Analog outputs are also provided.

Use it anywhere
While the TP-2 is obviously well suited to enrich your hardware or software based digital recordings, it is perfect for a variety of applications. Live, the TP-2 can be used to add warmth to any vocal mic or acoustic instrument. As a mastering tool, the TP-2 provides superior dynamic control. You can even use it as a preamp when preparing audio samples for your keyboard or computer.

XD series plug-in version
For those of you who are already using Korgs D32XD or D16XD Digital Recording Studios, the full functionality and feature set of the TP-2 is available as an optional enhancement for these Xtended Definition recorders in the
TPB-2. The TPB-2 mounts directly into the option bay on the D16XD or D32XD front panel.
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