Rane EMPATH 3ch DJ Touring/Club mixer

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Rane EMPATH 3ch DJ Touring/Club mixer.

The Empath mixer combines the vision of Grandmaster Flash and Rane technology. Compact size, exceptional performance and advanced features set the Empath mixer apart. The Empath is the most able 3-channel, 10" format mixer available. The name implies: understanding, awareness and sensitivity to the needs of DJs. The top plate is durable Lexan, available in 4 versions:  

  • Original Electric Blue
  • Dark Grey on Black (like the TTM 56)
  • Grandmaster Flash Gold Signature Edition- EMPATHSE
  • New Rotary Empath- EMPATHR

All four versions have the same operating features. The Signature Edition comes with a rugged road case, including room underneath the mixer for cables and headphones.  The Empath mixer meets the requirements of all DJ genres: trance · downtempo · techno · breakbeat · hip-hop · scratch · house · drum & bass · live music · freestyle · reggae · hardcore · chill... and more

Features Important to DJs

  • Universal internal power supply. When traveling, finding power supply adapters is difficult. The Empath accepts 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz power, for use anywhere in the world without adapters.
  • Auto-Gainprevents performance-wrecking swings in program level when changing sources. The music is never too soft or clipped.
  • FlexFXis a post-fader external stereo effects loop with individual Dry/Wet pan controls for Mic and Input Channels 1, 2 and 3.
  • Penny & Gilesfaders are simply the best money can buy. Smooth, accurate and reliable mixing is made possible by employing the most respected name in audio faders.
  • Two kinds of fader caps are providedfor different mixing preferences: soft rubber caps for smooth mixing, and hard plastic caps for fast mixing.
  • Flash-Cueallows the DJ to rapidly select Crossfader A-Cue-sum or Crossfader B-Cue-sum with the flick of a switch, normally slow or complicated on other mixers.
  • Multiple Outputs. Nothing is more frustrating than arriving at a club and finding their jacks don't match. Systems may have XLR, TRS or RCA connectors. The Empath provides all three.
  • Low and High headphone tone controlsallow the DJ to match their mixer to their headphones.
  • Both 3.5mm and 1/4" headphone jacksare simultaneously usable. More headphones are compatible with the Empath.
  • Two assignable CD triggerswork with any CD player with fader start ability.
  • Accelerated-Slope, full-cut, 3-band tone controls are the most flexible and highest quality available.
  • Crossfader assign switchesallow any Input Channel to be mixed on the A-side, B-side or Post Crossfader.
  • Level metersview Stereo Cue, Stereo Master Mix, Split Cue or Main Output signals.

All of these features are wrapped in the smallest, most portable chassis of any three-channel mixer. Excellent control ergonomics allow this small package to feel as open and comfortable as much larger units.

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