Rane CP64 6-input Stereo Zone Processor

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Rane CP64 6-input Stereo Zone Processor.

The CP 64 is a versatile commercial preamplifier designed for use in restaurants, bars, health clubs and offices. The CP 64 is capable of serving two independent Zones. Two gated Paging inputs and four Program inputs are provided. Ports are provided for expansion of Page, Program or Zone signals. Four levels of priority are supported:

  1. Priority Page
  2. Non-Priority Page
  3. A Priority Program
  4. A Non-Priority Program

The versatility of the CP 64 allows a wide variety of system configurations while providing simple and intuitive controls. Two gated Paging Inputs capable of receiving mic or line level input are provided. Each features independent Mic/Line Pad, Gain Trim, detector Threshold, Zone Assign and Zone Level controls. Internally selectable phantom power is provided for each input. Each Paging input may be summed Pre- or Post- Zone Level control to allow setting Paging Level independent of Zone Level. An internal Paging Priority switch allows a 'master' pager to override non-priority paging in its assigned zones, while allowing true dual zone independent paging. If no Paging Priority is selected, the Paging inputs mix together for applications like karaoke.

Four stereo Program inputs are provided with independent Input Level controls. Any one of the four Program inputs may be independently assigned in each Zone. One of the Program inputs is a gated Priority Program input. When signal is detected at its input, it overrides any non-priority Program selection in the assigned Zones. The Priority detector features internal, adjustable Threshold and Release-Time controls. The CP 64 has two Zone outputs: Zone 1 is stereo: Zone 2 is mono. Each Zone features independent:

  • Level
  • Program Select
  • Ducker On/Off
  • Ducker Depth
  • Servo-Locked-Limiter
  • 7-Band EQ (±12 dB)

An optional security cover is available for the CP 64's front panel. Front panel Ducker Depth controls are screwdriver adjust. All other front panel knobs can be removed and replaced with hole plugs. The remote controls allow blank Decora switch covers to act as remote control security covers. The remote knobs can also be replaced with hole plugs.

See the CP 52 if you only need one page input and one main zone.

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