Ampetronic ILD15 IP66 Elevator Hearing Aid Induction Loop Amp

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Ampetronic ILD15 IP66 Hearing Aid Induction Loop Amp.

Due to the complexities of hearing aid loop design and current building regulations we require each customer to complete a questionnaire on their requirements so that the correct amplifier is used. Please contact us for more information and for a free design to suit your application.

Induction loop drivers packaged in rugged steel cases for use in lifts/elevators and similar steel rooms, and other harsh environments.
Designed to interface to the normal lift sound system, incorporating the necessary battery backup to ensure correct operation when the AC power has been cut.

There are two transformer-balanced and floating inputs for a low-impedance speaker feed and a 100V line from an existing sound system. Connections are made inside the case through sealed cable glands. These, the status monitor and loop outputs are connected by detachable terminal blocks. Preset controls are provided for Input 1gain and Input 2 gain, tone and loop drive. The built-in compression is set by adjusting the input level. Attack and decay times are optimised for speech. The driver will cover an area of up to 5 square metres of a steel-boxed lift. An internal 2Ah 12 Volt battery is fitted, sufficient for 12 hours standby plus 0.5 hours full power operation. The charging circuits have 3-state charge-overcharge-float control mode.

Inputs: Low-impedance speaker line, 280mV RMS for full output, 3.3 kohms, better than 4.5V RMS before overload. 100V-line: 11V RMS for full output, 120 kohms, better than 165V RMS before overload. Response: 80Hz to 5kHz, +/-1.5dB ref. 1kHz, at low level, measured as loop current.

Dynamic range:36dB. Metal-loss correction: 0db to 3dB /octave boost.

Output current more than 9A peak, output voltage 1.5V peak into a very low-resistance single turn loop. Loop load impedance: 33 mohm minimum resistive, 165 mohm minimum at 1.6kHz.

Environment: -20 to 40 degrees C.

Power source: 230A AC, 50-65Hz, 18VA maximum.

Dimensions: 255 x 190 x 90 (l x w x h) mm. Weight: 3.8kg.

Application note: A major problem with modern lifts is their structure, which often comprises a cage made of stainless steel sheet, fixed in a steel cradle. This metal cage causes very significant losses which are frequency dependent. The ILD15BB incorporates the necessary facilities to correct for these losses in normal passenger lifts. To achieve acceptable performance, the loop cable must be on the inside of the cage. This is normally achieved with a special loop made of metal bars fixed to, but insulated from, the ceiling. If a suitable hidden location can be found that is not shielded by metal, normal insulated wire 2.5mm sq. or 4mm sq. may be used as an alternative. Custom designed loop bar systems can be supplied to special order, please contact Technical Support in the first instance.
Included accessories: User manual which includes installation guidance.

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