Australian Monitor DIGIPAGEJR 8-Zone Paging Matrix

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Australian Monitor DIGIPAGEJR 8-Zone Paging Matrix. 

The DigiPage Jr starts as an 8 zone system and can be expanded to 16 zones.

The DigiPage Jr is packed with excellent features and is a very cost effective solution for those applications who have neither the budget or the need for the more elaborate features of DigiPage.

It is suitable for many similar applications as DigiPage but has a few less inputs and does not allow for remote source or volume selection.

Each DigiPage Jr Base Station Features:

  • 6 balanced dual mic/line inputs
  • 4 line level program source inputs with trim pots
  • Capacity for up to 8 remote paging microphones
  • Emergency input
  • 4 CAT-5 ports which are used to connect to remote zone paging microphones
  • Alert, Evacuation, Bell and Pre Announce Chimes
  • Priority Ducking Circuitry
  • Easy front panel input selection
  • Separate paging volume level adjustment
  • Treble and Bass control per zone
  • Page ‘Enable’ per zone allows users to remove the ability to page into certain zones in case that zone does not want to be interrupted. This is generally due to a conference or seminar being held in that zone
  • One paging microphone can be set to have ultimate priority over other paging microphones
  • AC/DC operation.
The DigiPage Jr microphone stations are available in 8 zone (DPJR8M) or 16 zone (DPJR16M) versions.

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