Quest QSA400 15" 400w Powered Speaker

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15" +1 " horn active 400w plastic speaker cabinet.
Substance and Style - The QSA range is composed of three models of self contained powered speaker from an 8 inch two way through to 12 and 15 inch self processing two way systems. With their extensive experience in concert audio, the designers of the QSA200/300/400 looked to the latest technological innovations for inspiration. It is enough of a challenge to build high quality road going audio products when price is not a concern. Yet to create a first class professional product at a realistic price, that does not happen often.

From the start, the design of the QSA addresses the area where most powered speaker systems are compromised; the basic components. Just as a gourmet meal starts with quality ingredients, the QSA series starts with a foundation of heavy duty speaker components, high quality pre amp and a power amplifier stage that would equal many of the top pro power amps and a high tech built in system controller as an added bonus.
Real power amplifiers - The amplifier design is an actively crossed over, bi-polar split rail; highly efficient and won't loose power as it heats up as many mosfet designs presently used to save weight will. All the heat sinks are on the inside of the box where the operation of the bass driver effectively blows cool air over them. This means the box can be turned on its front, back, upside down, however you wish with no danger of it overheating. The amplifier is assembled to withstand continuous vibration and has 20% extra tolerance over industry standards, so it will take any beating a hire company may give it.

Comprehensive input section - No pushing the wrong button here. Separate XLR-Phono inputs for high and low gain signal governed by a master volume means more than one signal source can input simultaneously. Three band EQ and electronically buffered line output allow for individual tuning and stable signal if a long "daisy chain" is required. An impressive battery of status indicators show everything from signal presence to limiter function.

The right protection - A common failing in plastic powered boxes are the bass drivers. High powered drivers are heavy so most manufacturers use light weight drivers and hope that a limiting circuit will protect them. Some circuits roll off the low frequencies so when you drive them hard, all the bass disappears. This is often followed by the box shutting down, causing the greatest crime for an audio operator; No music. Concert Audio boxes are protected by system controllers that monitor and manage the power and make necessary adjustments without noticeably affecting the sound. This is the heart of the QSA system. Thanks to sophisticated analysis circuitry, the controller will prevent damaging peaks and long term excessive level from damaging components, but it does it in a way that is virtually inaudible. No disappearing bass or top end and definitely no silence.

· Power handling: Low Frequency (LF) 240 Watts RMS, High Frequency (HF) 60 Watts RMS
· Components: One Woofer 15”, One Compression driver 1"
· HF Angle of coverage: 90 X 50 degrees
· Frequency response –3dB: 45 - 20KHz
· Max SPL: 129 dB Peak
· Enclosure: Injection moulded ABS plastic
· Connectors: XLR In/Out
· Dimensions: 690mm x 450mm x 360mm (HxWxD)
· Weight: 27.5Kg
· Installation Options: Wall Bracket/ Floor Stand/ Pole Adaptor

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