EWI MBQB/10/BUK XLR-XLR 10FT Cable (Black XLRs)

Manufacturer: EWISku: EWI MBQB/10/BUK
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EWI MBQA/10/BUK XLR-XLR 10FT Cable (Black XLRs)
The EWI MBQB Pro Quad XLR cable is a twisted pair premium mic cable, suitable for high performance professional applications.

he 4 ea. 22 gauge signal conductors are extremely high purity 99.98% annealed copper.  The braided shield is also tinned 99.98% copper tightly braided to give 98% coverage. 

The Super Flexible Innocuous Neoprene PVC (SFIN PVC) resists tangles and stays flexible yet extremely durable over a wide range of temperatures.
The XLR ends are a  cast zinc shell with gold contacts, and are hand soldered with good strain relief.

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