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This is a medium grade professional application active DI, which will work well on instruments with passive pickups or active pickups.  The construction is reasonably rugged and the components are well suited for the application yielding results that are typically acceptable for all but the most discerning artists. 
This item is typically used to split the instrument signal going to a stage amp so a feed can be sent also to the mix board.  It is equipped with two parallel ¼” jacks for put-throughs and one XLR jack for the send to the board. Also there is a separate ground lift switch and a –0dB, or -30dB attenuator switch. Since this is an active D.I. box, it needs to be powered which can be done either with Phantom Power from the mix board, or with the supplied internal 9v battery.  The battery is fairly easy to change by removing one screw in the bottom of the case.
The quality of the internal splitting transformer is the key to good sound from most any D.I. Box.  The transformers are manufactured to strict EWI tolerances designed specifically for this application and are excellent transformers.  EWI uses their own special alloy for the core of the transformer which gives a good rich sound.. The box is extruded aluminum and extremely tough It has a nice feature in that it is built so multiple boxes can be hooked together physically either side-by-side or one on top the other. 
  • Type:  High performance active
  • Channels: One
  • Inputs: ¼” TS phone plug, 1M ohm
  • Max input voltage: 30v
  • Outputs:  
    • Parallel ¼” TS phone plug
    • Balanced XLR (M) 600 ohm to mix console (with ground lift selector switch)
  • Attenuator: -0, -30dB
  • Freq. Response:  20Hz to 20KHz
  • Dimensions:  5.118” w x 1.742”h x 3.200”d 

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