Mixing Consoles with less than 6 mic channels
Mixers with more than 6 mic channels
USB Mixers
Digital Mixers
Mixers with built in power amps
Zone & Rack Mixers
Soundcraft SPIRIT M12 16ch Mixing Console
Price: NZ$2,299.00
inc GST
Soundcraft SPIRIT LX7II 16ch Mixing Console
Price: NZ$3,298.99
inc GST
Soundcraft SPIRIT M4 8ch Mixing Console
Price: NZ$1,634.53
SoundStore Price: NZ$1,498.99
inc GST
Soundcraft SPIRIT M8 12ch Mixing Console
Price: NZ$1,941.20
SoundStore Price: NZ$1,899.00
inc GST
Soundcraft MPMi12 12/2ch Mixing Console
Price: NZ$1,198.99
SoundStore Price: NZ$1,149.00
inc GST
Soundcraft MPMi20 20/2ch Mixing Console
Price: NZ$1,599.00
SoundStore Price: NZ$1,499.00
inc GST
Soundcraft SPIRIT LX7II 24ch Mixing Console
Price: NZ$3,999.00
inc GST
Soundcraft SPIRIT LX7II 32ch Mixing Console
Price: NZ$4,999.01
inc GST
Wharfedale SL424USB mixer with USB, 4 mic input
Price: NZ$399.00
SoundStore Price: NZ$385.00
inc GST
Yamaha MG10 10ch Mixer
Price: NZ$349.00
inc GST
Yamaha MG12 12ch Mixer
Price: NZ$595.00
inc GST
Yamaha MG12XU 12ch Mixer with FX & USB
Price: NZ$725.00
inc GST
Soundcraft MFXi8 8ch Mixing Console
Price: NZ$1,838.98
SoundStore Price: NZ$1,598.99
inc GST
Soundcraft MFXi12 12ch Mixing Console
Price: NZ$2,043.42
SoundStore Price: NZ$1,899.00
inc GST
Presonus StudioLive 16.0.2 Digital Mixer
Price: NZ$1,999.00
SoundStore Price: NZ$1,799.00
inc GST
Wharfedale SL1224USB 14ch USB mixer
Price: NZ$999.00
SoundStore Price: NZ$875.00
inc GST
Wharfedale Connect 502USB MINI MIXER with USB
Price: NZ$139.00
SoundStore Price: NZ$125.00
inc GST
Behringer Xenyx UFX1604 Mixer/Interface
Price: NZ$1,499.00
SoundStore Price: NZ$1,399.00
inc GST
Behringer Xenyx UFX1204  Mixer/Interface
Price: NZ$799.00
SoundStore Price: NZ$775.00
inc GST
Behringer Xenyx QX2442USB Mixer
Price: NZ$999.00
SoundStore Price: NZ$949.00
inc GST
Behringer Xenyx QX2222USB Mixer
Price: NZ$849.00
SoundStore Price: NZ$799.00
inc GST